The Honest Digital Revolution is Here


I’d like to Invite you to Join the Honest Digital Revolution (HDR).

The Honest Digital Revolution is a concept.

It combines a PHILOSOPHY of marketing with a tried and tested online BUSINESS BLUEPRINT.

You see, it’s not enought to focus on optimizing headlines, landing pages or funnels. You’ve got to take a step back and look at HOW you approach the online business world.

Your PHILOSOPHY is much more important than some strategy or tactic.

Tactics change everyday but your PHILOSOPHY doesn’t change. It’s like your code of ethics which affects how you market, what products you promote and even the type of people you want to serve.

Your PHILOSOPHY of marketing is the single biggest determiner of your success. Thus, it’s important to get it right.

My Digital Journey (Into the Abyss)

I spent three years in Internet Marketing purgatory, buying up every shady product or program looking for the code to digital wealth.

Let me be the first to tell you that there is no future there.

You are NOT going to succeed when:

  1. Your marketing is based on hype, lies or desperation
  2. You promise easy or done-for-you
  3. You promote products / programs that have never generated income for you
  4. You only care about the buck and not the person behind the click

So instead of chasing after a rainbow, you need to get serious about your business and your future.

Luckily for you, I’ve taken the arrows for you.

I’ve mapped out the course.

All of that wandering in the digital desert (and $20,000 worth of purchases later) has taught me a lot about how the Internet ACTUALLY works.

And here are the keys to success.

The Keys to the Limo

You must have four things in place in order to succeed on the Internet:

  1. You must have the right business model – Which business model will give you the highest chance of success? There are many to choose from: Affiliate marketing, consulting, building a website, e-commerce, etc.
  2. You must have the right platform – This is the tech side of your business + the training to acquire the skills you need to build your digital assets.
  3. You must have the right blueprint – A blueprint represents the approach and a step-by-step process for building a business.
  4. You must have the right guidance – You need someone you can trust who can guide you around the obstacles, who will answer your questions and who will help you prioritize the steps in the blueprint.

The Honest Digital Revolution gives you these keys, in the right order, at the right pace, with the right guidance.

Our Philosophy of Marketing

Our approach to marketing (our PHILOSOPHY) is captured by the word “honest.”

Here are the core principles.

We value:

  1. People over statistics
  2. Impact over money
  3. Integrity over hype
  4. Service over selling
  5. Authenticity over copycat marketing
  6. A positive mindset over a negative one

As I mentioned before, your philosophy of marketing is WAY more important than the latest Facebook ad strategy. If you operate with shady principles you are not going to make it.

Our Online Business Blueprint

Our online business blueprint is straightforward: build an interest-based micro niche website.

Interest-based means personal and impactful. You choose something about which you are deeply passionate or interested and wonderful things can happen:

  1. Your online business turns into a labor of love
  2. You are likely to stick it out through rough times (which will surely come)
  3. Your enthusiasm will show in EVERYTHING you do, write or say
  4. You will not be at a loss for what to say about your niche
  5. Your business will be meaningful to you as it makes an impact on others

This is one of the reasons we reject the copy me approaches.

This is where everyone joins the same program, goes through the same training, and the money is made from recruiting people into the funnel and then having them pay for training “upgrades” along the way.

By the way, you know you are in this type of program if you are being told to purchase solo ads as your primary means of traffic.

I’ll say this again. This is a dead end. Get out now and start building something of real value instead.

Micro niche means you go after the smallest viable audience. You don’t want the world. You want ONLY those people who are passionate about your particular take on a subject.

Motorcyle drivers is a very different niche than 50+ year-old business professionals who are weekend warriors and who drive a Harley Davidson.

The first is generic, a race to the bottom usually based around price, and boring. You are competing against Walmart.

The second is a passionate micro niche, with its own beliefs, language and most importantly, its own NEEDS. When you get in front of this group with the right message AND the right product, watch out.

It’s a dynamic exchange and it leads to sales.

A website means several things:

  1. You are not homeless on the Internet like these one or two page done-for-you sites that many programs provide
  2. You can build out a hub of expertise that is attractive to people and that SOLVES their problems
  3. You are creating something real, not peddling a biz opp that says, “I can show you how to make money, by selling you this system on how to make money”
  4. You can promote yourself, your message and personality. These are your competitive advantages agains the copycat marketers all promoting the same program in the same (desperate) way.

Are You With Me So Far?

So that’s what we offer here at the Honest Digital Revolution:

  1. A different approach to marketing
  2. A blueprint for creating a micro niche website that reflects your passions, values and message
  3. Mentoring and guidance along the way

If you’d like to see an outline of the HDR Way and get your invite to join the Revolution, click the link below.

OK, you are starting to make a believer out of me. Show me the HDR Way outline.

10 thoughts on “The Honest Digital Revolution is Here”

  1. Hi thanks for your honest way to handle things now in the digital online world. In addition to your 4 pillars if I may add please the discipline it takes to consistently prepare all of the content. Without this, there is no chance whatsoever of any shot at a real honest business. Thanks for your solution for today that works!

    • Andrew. Very true about the content.  One of our secrets inside of the HDR training is to focus on a micro niche site. A micro niche site requires far less content, 30 or so articles, instead of 100s for other types of niche sites. Plus, they’ve got to be the right type of articles, those that attract almost customers or those that move visitors towards a sale.  

      Thanks for stopping by.  Good luck.

  2. I think the micro-niche websites are easy to scale. I used to be against it, but after seeing a friend starting to make a good income only after 6 months I took the time to learn more about it. And I found that it is very easy to go deeper and offer better quality content to stand out from the competition in a micro-niche than in a wider niche.

    So, I totally agree with you and I hope to learn more from you soon.


    • A regular website is tough to get off the ground.  You need 3-4 longish articles per week for many months. This is a big obstacle for a lot of folks who have a message they want to share.  With a niche site, we can scale that down to 30 articles or so AND we tell you WHAT TYPE of article and HOW to write it.

      So I think that’s where the HDR way shines.  We take a good concept and we super charge it with our unique business model.

      Good luck.

  3. Hi Gustavo

    This looks like a very interesting program and one which I may well be tempted to try out, especially for the price.

    There are a number of similar programs so I’m wondering what other ones you have experience of which you can maybe give me a comparison of with HDR?

    By that, I mean programs such as MLSP or Wealthy Affiliate, etc.

    I’m looking into various ones before making a decision, such as the two I mention above. If you have experience of these, how do you feel they compare?

    • Hi Richard:

      Just to be clear.  HDR is my own e-course so it’s not like MLSP or Wealthy Affiliate.  You might think of HDR as a wrapper that fits around the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

      We take the concepts taught in the Wealthy Affiliate Platform (build an affiliate marketing website) and we add the other two pieces: integrity in marketing and micro niche vs. regular niche websites.  

      I’m embarrassed to say I’ve joined about 8 affiliate marketing programs over the years: EMP, MLSP, Online Sales Pro, PLS, 4PG.  They are all pretty quality programs.  OSP has the mobile angle going for it.  EMP’s focus is for network marketers, MLSP has great training. 

      WA is my digital marketing platform of choice. It is what we use in the Honest Digital Revolution.  WA is very affordable, it has quality leadership, honesty in their marketing, community, keyword research, training on all things digital marketing and incredible support. 

  4. Gustavo,

    I love your approach. There’s so many people on the internet hawking one system or another. Promises of riches & freedom, abundance… it’s dizzying. Your post is a little confusing as you mention that joining the revolution is completely free… then the join page requires that you pay $27 to take the course… that’s completely fair and you’re certainly entitled to charge for your services, it’s just that your messages are conflicting.

    • Hi Bob. How embarrassing as I’m trying to launch the Honest Digital Revolution.  I have been jumping back and forth between a free AND paid version of HDR.  You probably saw an old landing page.  Since you caught the error, I’d be willing to comp you the training for free if you are interested.  

      Can you send me the URL of the offending page? 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Helo, Hey there, I actually stumbled upon your site but I must confess it is really amazing. With so many useful and quality content, also very well written. I have really been impacted with so much knowledge.
    I will definitely visit your site in the future, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us and good luck.


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