Welcome to the Honest Digital Revolution (HDR) site!

This site exists for one purpose: to teach you the ropes of creating of a profitable niche website (your passive income generator), BUT to do so with integrity and purpose.

This means that we’ll teach you to market without having to sell your soul. It also means that you’ll start with a MISSION or an overriding purpose, as you launch your site. No more jumping into whatever program promises you a ticket to wealth.

But first, let me share a painfully true story…

My Journey Into the (Digital) Abyss

In 2016, I discovered the idea of “selling on the Internet.” I thought I had struck gold. I could hardly sleep with all the money I dreamed I was going to make.

I had just joined an affiliate marketing company (the Four Percent Group) and I started to learn everything I could about online marketing: landing pages, funnels, building a list, and marketing affiliate products among other things.

But there was one huge problem.

At the same time I was discovering the Internet, the Internet was discovering me!

And I didn’t stand a chance.

Those slimy marketers knew exactly how to talk to and sell to a desperate newbie trying to “make money online.”

I became a product junkie.

I bought every hack, secret or program trying to find the keys to Internet riches. I joined 8 affiliate marketing companies as a paying member. You can see some of the reviews on my websites.

I joined expensive coaching programs and went into debt. I even resorted to promoting spammy make money online products because that’s what I was being taught.

It took me a long time, money and effort to finally let go of the fantasy I was living and to get serious about my online future.

My Turning Point

My turning point came when I began to focus on a few key elements:

  1. I focused on building a micro niche website as my online vehicle
  2. I focused on my passion and my expertise as the foundation of my website
  3. I focused on writing as the initial way to share value with the world
  4. I focused on becoming an expert in one autoresponder, one WordPress theme, and one social media platform

This intense focus helped me to turn the corner and to start attracting visitors, building an audience and making sales.

All was not a loss as learned two important things along the way.

  • I vowed that I would never again be a spammy or desperate marketer
  • I actually learned how to build websites, about SEO, e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing, optimizing funnels, branding, copywriting, webinars, and creating e-books, video courses and other digital products.

You could say I paid dearly for my education.  But for you, that’s a huge advantage.

I’ve taken the arrows for you.  I’ve mapped out the trail. And I’ll prove it to you with the HDR training.

Tough Love

Let me now say a few important things that will be of immense help as you get started in your online business:

1) There’s No Such Thing as Get-Rich-Quick

Starting an online business will be the adventure of a lifetime, but if you approach this as a way to make a quick buck you will be sorely disappointed. The only way to get-rich-quick is to rob a bank.

Stop chasing after scams, and get serious about this. This site will give you a great start where you can begin creating real income for yourself.

2) You Must Take Action

It’s time to stop talking and dreaming and put your time, energy AND money where your mouth is. Dreaming doesn’t pay the bills, nor will it lead you to where you ultimately want to be.

Spend quality time on your business and invest the time acquiring the necessary skills to make it flourish.

3) Success is More Mindset than Talent, Money or Technology

This takes a while to sink in.

Many people think luck, skill, traffic, money, talent or technology are the keys to success.  These are important, but they pale in comparison to your commitment and mindset to see this through.

Many people don’t wait long enough to see the fruits of their labors. They get frustrated, they experience an obstacle, maybe lose a little money and then shut it down way too soon.

You will be criticized.  You will get advice from people to leave this crazy idea. The temptation will be great to give up. This is why we say that success is more psychology than tactics.

Join the Revolution

I am a teacher by trade.

Believe it or not, I’m actually a professor with a seminary in Colombia (South America not South Carolina). I currently live in Medellín.

Thus, teaching is my first passion, digital marketing my second.

I would love to meet you and speak with you about your business goals. One of the best salespeople once said, “If you help enough people get what they want, you’ll get what you want.”

So that’s one of my goals.  To help as many people as I can get what they want.

So if you need some advice, don’t know where to turn, need someone to chat with because your wife, husband or significant other thinks you’re obsessed with this online thing, shoot me a message.

I’m here to help you. Reach out.

Most importantly, I would love for you to join our Revolution, to help us build our community and to contribute your ideas as we get off the ground.

If you want to do that, head over to our home page read about how you can join the Honest Digital Revolution.

Here’s to your success!