Affiliate Marketing Done the Right Way


OK, listen up.

There’s a wrong way and a right way to do affiliate marketing.

Search in Google for affiliate marketing and you’ll end up with a million pages all telling you to do the same thing.

They will tell you that affiliate marketing is connecting a vendor with a prospect who is ready to buy the vendor’s services. And that is true.

They will give you a list of “affiliate exchanges” like Clickbank or JVZoo, talk a little about gravity, and then leave to flounder around on your own.

Others are Amazon affiliates but they are getting a measly 5% commission for their efforts. They brought the client to the vendor’s doorstep and the vendor gets 95%? Something’s wrong with that.

So you can continue to follow the advice of the gurus. Or you can take a chance on something different.

Write this down

In order to win at digital marketing, you have to become THE DE FACTO EXPERT in one thing in the digital universe. It honestly does not matter which one you pick.

The important thing is that you pick one and stick with it.

Over time, if you put a software or a system through its paces, in a real world setting, you will pick up all the ninja tricks. The good, the bad and the ugly. This is where you can become a trusted guide for your people. You know where the potholes are. You know how to push the software to its limits. You’ve done it already. When you get down to that micro level of understanding your software or system, there is no more competition.


That’s where you want to be.

But it takes discipline. And courage.

So again, pick one thing in the digital universe. I’ve chosen blogs. I am what you would call an expert in that category, and a few others. But it has taken me years to get to this point.

But now I get to reap the rewards. There is nothing that speaks more powerfully than CONVICTION.

It’s called an invisible power.

So, in the next episode of this series. I’ll show you what I mean by picking one thing and sticking to it.

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