Why Build a Website?


So let’s talk about websites.

In a few moments, I’m going to give you all of the BIG reasons why a website is the best long-term option for creating success on the Internet.

But before I do that, let’s chat for a bit on how most people approach making money online. Pay attention! This is going to save you a ton of time, money and headaches.

The Homeless Dilemma

Meet Andy. He is what you call a digital hobo.

Andy flits about from program to program or product to product. He doesn’t see the need for creating a website. Too much time and hassle and he doesn’t really need a site.

He can always direct his prospects to the sales pages of the products he promotes. In some of the programs he joins, he receives some very cool done-for-you funnels and landing pages.

Of course, most of these materials are crass with desperate sounding headlines, but he only needs a few folks to bite on the apple for the money to start rolling in.

There are so many problems with Andy’s approach:

It is Extremely Competitive

If Andy has a done-for-you funnel, then so do the other 1000s of affiliate marketers who are promoting the same product. Same goes for the sales pages.

But it’s even worse because someone has taught Andy that all he needs to do is send visitors to the sales page and the money will start rolling in. So he buys solo ads at 200 clicks a pop, sends them to his crummy sales page, gets a few bites, but ZERO sales!

So he spends some more money with the same results.

Poor Quality Products / Poor Quality Materials

Because Andy does not have his own website where he can promote quality products, he is always at the mercy of the next shiny object program or product that promises riches.

And let me tell you, any product that promises easy riches, is only making a few people rich. The rest of the marketers are crawling up a steep hole and getting very discouraged or further in debt.

It’s a vicious cycle.

Andy’s target audience (which he only finds through solo ads or scammy PPC campaigns) is literally getting bombarded with 10 crappy offers per day. Andy is sending people to landing pages that claim to help people make 3K, 5K or 10K per month.

Seriously? Andy hasn’t even cracked $100 on his best month, and he’s been at it for quite a while now.

This is the Homeless Dilemma.

Because Andy does not have a home on the Internet, he is at the mercy of the shoddy products and shoddy marketing materials from the programs he joins. In addition, his audience doesn’t take him seriously because they’ve seen Andy’s crappy offers 100s of times.

Now let me tell you how a website beautifully solves all of Andy’s BIG problems.

The HDR Way – Build a Website

In contrast to Andy’s homeless approach, the HDR way relies on building a website as the center of your online business.

A website tells your prospects that you are serious

A website reflects your unique personality and skill set

Instead of offering the same shoddy products in the same shoddy way, a website lets you stand out in terms of quality, products and marketing approach.

You get to choose what to promote. You can also promote

A website offers you greater flexibility to reach your online goals

With a website, you can earn money in so many different ways. You are not limited by

  1. A website is a tried and true method for building a business. We know it works and what steps to take to succeed.
  2. A website is your home on the Internet. You can invite people to visit, share stories, and help them solve their problems.
  3. A website offers you greater flexibility to reach your online goals. There are literally 100s of ways to monetize a website. Thus you will not be limited by having to choose one method.
  4. A website reflects you, your personality, interests, and voice. It is your competitive advantage against the copycat marketers who promote the same thing in the same way.

There is one more component in the HDR Way that will turn you from an amateur into someone with whom people will love to do business.

You must have integrity and purpose in your marketing.

Click the link below to understand why this is such a critical component of your online marketing success.

OK, I’m dying to know about this integrity and purpose thing. Take me to the next lesson!

See you on the next page.