HDR Way Series #1 – What I’ve Learned in My Digital Journey

Note: This is one of a series of posts inside of an affiliate marketing Facebook page. The audience consists of digital marketers who are trying to start an online business.

This post provides a ton of value to the group while at the same time showcasing the kind of expertise we bring to the table. As such, it serves as a tool to recruit folks into the HDR Way training.


Hey 4 Percenters,

Hope everyone is doing well. Lots going on, in the Four Percent world and in the real world.

I thought it might be helpful for some for me to share a bit of my journey through the Four Percent world.

And it is a world.

This is what you want to create for your peeps if you want to be successful. More on that later.

My Story

I joined the 4% Group (4PG) in December of 2016.

I would like to say it’s the day I found the Internet.

Vick did the introductions. He was my first real coach.

BUT, and there’s always a big but…

That was also the day the Internet found me. I became what you would call a Prime Retargeting Prospect (PRP).

You talk about shiny object syndrome.

I put that on steroids!

I could not get enough. I bought every hack, secret, trick or program on the market because I could be counted on TO BUY.

I bought into the lure of easy money.

I joined 8 affiliate marketing companies AS A PAYING MEMBER. That’s how hungry I was (but also how gullible I was).

Hey, maybe I was one of those people on those solo ads we all like to purchase for quick clicks. 🙂

And so on it went, I kid you not, for two long years. I call it Internet Marketing Hell. Chasing the MMO rabbit.

The Turing Point

In 2019, I had a turning point.

I made the decision that instead of trying to peddle biz opps to poor saps like me, I should be marketing the one thing I could truly count on to provide value to others.


That’s what Vick teaches, right? You, Inc.

I teach leadership in Latin America. I’m what you would call an expert. I’ve studied my field. I work in my field.

I’m also now somewhat of a digital marketing apprentice. I’m not an expert yet, but I do know my way around.

Since 2016, I’ve created websites and Kindle books. I’ve done live and recorded webinars. I’ve created e-courses and membership sites. I know funnels, autoresponders, e-mail sequences, copywriting, WordPress and so much more.

Just this year I created a brand, Dr. G. which consists of three parts:

  1. Personal – This is what I do. In Colombia, South America.
  2. Educational / Publishing – This is my content side, website (think e-Stage without buying e-Stage), membership site, e-courses, e-books and starting next week, our own Mobile App.
  3. Digital Agency for the Majority World – This one is genius. I teach majority world ministries how to use digital marketing tools to grow their ministries.

How Does the Agency Function?

I hire virtual assistants from the majority world and I teach them how to perform one basic option (setting up a WordPress website, setting up an e-mail autoresponder, creating a Kindle book. etc.)

I make these Basic Options available to interested organizations in the entire majority world. They are all in the religious niche. It has millions of people and passionate buyers.

And most importantly, they trust me and they trust the brand. After all, many of these organizations are lead by my students, whom I have taught over the last 15 years.

And they are scattered all over the majority world.

Keep in mind that 1) many of these institutions are way behind in their use of technology and 2) the prices for our services are low because of our VAs.

I am providing several services in the process.

  1. I am making good paying jobs available for people in the majority world. They can earn much more with me than in a minimum wage job. At the same time, they are learning incredibly valuable skills in today’s landscape.
  2. The majority world ministries, like churches, non-profits, ngos, etc. get a technical and digital marketing upgrade.
  3. Finally, my own non-profit benefits because we provide the picks and shovels these organizations will need to implement their digital marketing plans.

Picks and shovels. That’s a Strizheus golden nugget.

Told you it was genius. (You all can borrow the idea by the way. Plenty of pie to go around.)

What I’ve Learned About the Digital Marketing World

I guess you could say my 25K education over the last four years was worth it. It’s definitely worth as much or more than my real degrees.

Now, I’m growing my online business more strategically. I am building a world and an audience that I can serve with my products and expertise.

It’s the 4% way.

Here are some of the lessons I learned in those years of wandering:

  1. Go with your passion
  2. Choose impact over money
  3. Market You, Inc.
  4. Become a person of value (i.e. learn something well enough that you can teach it to others)
  5. Remember the VIP rule. Behind every digital transaction is a real and valuable person. Treat people like gold.
  6. Build an audience
  7. Serve instead of sell
  8. Market with integrity (which also means, DO NOT promote a product you have not used and thoroughly tested yourself)
  9. Focus on growing your mind and yourself
  10. Never give up. The only way to lose is to quit. Think no plan B.

I call it the #HDRWay but I could also call it the #FourPercentWay.

I have learned a ton about the Internet from membership in the Four Percent Group. It is the one affiliate marketing company that I have never left.

I’m looking forward to the future and to continuing to learn about this great industry.

Good luck Four Percenters. And let me know if you want to hear more from the #HDRWay series.

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