Outline of the HDR Training

There are two main parts to the Honest Digital Revolution training:

  1. The HDR Way – This is where we explain our approach to marketing and building an online business
  2. The 30-Day Website Challenge – This is where we break down the steps to creating a profitable micro niche website in 30 days or less

Each part of the training is critical. One is the inner game, the other is the outer game. You must master both to succeed.

The HDR Way

The HDR way is our approach to marketing. It represents the philosophy behind how we go about building an online business.

Part 1 – Integrity in Marketing

This is where we take everything that is wrong with the Internet marketing space and turn it on its head. There are several principles we teach:

  1. People Centered vs. Numbers Centered – Behind every transaction is a real person with hopes and dreams. It all starts here with the VIP principle.
  2. Impact Focused vs. Money Focused – You can create a meaningful business AND make money too
  3. Empathy Driven vs. Coercion Driven – No manipulation or desperation when promoting your offer
  4. Service Oriented vs. Selling Oriented – You serve your audience first and the sales follow
  5. Authentic Approach vs. Copycat Approach – Your unique personality skills, and voice are your competitive advantages in a crowded marketplace

Part 2 – The Inner Game

Your mindset will determine the success or failure of any venture. Most people only want to learn strategies and tactics. However, they never master the inner game.

Success is 80% mindset and 20% strategies.

In Part 2, you will internalize the following inner principles:

  1. Focus – Without focus, you will experience technology overwhelm or the “shiny object syndrome.” When you focus, you gain mastery, and then you become valuable in the marketplace.
  2. Positive mindset – Whiners, complainers and critics will never succeed in business or in life
  3. Dealing with Criticism – How to overcome the criticism that comes your way when you are building something positive
  4. Patience – Building a profitable website takes time. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme
  5. Perseverance – Nothing worthwhile is easy. The only way to lose with your online business is to give up

30-Day Micro Niche Site Challenge

This is our signature program in which we will guide you in the first phases of building a profitable micro niche website from scratch in 30-Days or less. You can take longer to build your site, but the training is scheduled for daily activities.

Our program is also unique because we focus on building a micro niche site. These sites are similar to a regular niche website only they are easier to build. They require less content, and having a super focused audience gives you the ability to create very targeted messages.

Step 1 – Your Purpose and Topic of Your Site

In the first week, we will spend time thinking about the purpose for your site. A purpose is bigger than “I want to make more money.”

  • What do you intend to do with the money?
  • Why do you want to create an online business or website?
  • What dreams or aspirations do you have?
  • What change or impact do you want to make in others?

These questions elevate your game above the noisy Internet marketing space. This is how you stand out from the crowd.

After this, we will spend time thinking about your interests and passions. What do you want your site to be about? Your website can be about anything that excites you since there is a market for virtually any idea.

Step 2 – Building Your Website

In the second week we tackle the techy stuff.

This is where we teach you to build your site using WordPress. We’ll show you how setup the initial structure of your site, how to navigate around WordPress and how to create pages and posts.

Step 3 – Creating Compelling Content

In the third week, we’ll dive into how to create compelling content.

The secret here is to create content that attracts almost buyers AND moves them toward a sale. This section will cover:

  • How to write a great review
  • How to write content that compels your visitors to buy what you recommend
  • How to write optimized content which will allow people to find you when they search for your topic in Google.

Here again, we lead with service and a genuinely helpful disposition. We do not use coercion. We simply offer people a solution to their problems. This builds likability and trust and people buy from those they like and trust.

Step 4 – Monetizing Your Site

In the fourth week we tackle the different ways that you can monetize your site.

Most people go small here, eeking out a few dollars through adsense or Amazon affiliate sales.

Unless you have 1000s of visitors to your site per day, you will not get very far. Our approach is to build a micro niche site and identify an affiliate offer that will give you bigger returns than a 5% commission.

We will also focus on building out your own courses and membership sites. These last two are the most profitable and have the biggest ROI. You can sell a $9.00 book on Amazon and make $0.54 cents or you can sell your own course and make $49, $97 or even higher.

Believe it or not, with the right funnel and approach, there is not much more effort.

But that is a ways off. You must first walk before you can fly and the HDR Way will help guide you every step of the way.

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