The HDR Business Blueprint


It’s now time to talk about the HDR online business blueprint.

We believe that what gives you the greatest chance at long-term success is for you to build and monetize an interest-based, micro niche website.

Let me break down exactly what that means.


Interest-based means that whatever you build has to be personal and impactful. It means that you choose something about which you are deeply passionate or interested and wonderful things can happen:

  1. Your online business turns into a labor of love
  2. You are likely to stick it out through rough times (which will surely come)
  3. Your enthusiasm will show in EVERYTHING you do, write or say
  4. You will not be at a loss for what to say about your niche
  5. Your business will be meaningful to you as it makes an impact on others

This is one of the reasons we reject the copy me approaches, especially in the MMO, biz opp and affiliate marketing niches.

This is where everyone joins the same program, goes through the same training, and the money is made from recruiting people into the funnel and then having them pay for training “upgrades” along the way.

By the way, you know you are in this type of program if you are being told to purchase solo ads as your primary means of traffic.

I’ll say this again. This is a dead end. Get out now and start building something of real value instead.

Micro Niche

Micro niche means you go after the smallest viable audience. You don’t want the world. You want ONLY those people who are passionate about your particular take on a subject.

Motorcycle drivers is a very different niche than 50+ year-old business professionals who are weekend warriors and who drive a Harley Davidson.

The first is generic, a race to the bottom usually based around price, and boring. You are competing against Walmart.

The second is a passionate micro niche, with its own beliefs, language and most importantly, its own NEEDS. When you get in front of this group with the right message AND the right product, watch out.

It’s a dynamic exchange and it leads to sales.

Building a Website

A website means several things:

  1. You are not homeless on the Internet like these one or two page done-for-you sites that many programs provide
  2. You can build out a hub of expertise that is attractive to people and that SOLVES their problems
  3. You are creating something real, not peddling a biz opp that says, “I can show you how to make money, by selling you this system on how to make money”
  4. You can promote yourself, your message and personality. These are your competitive advantages agains the copycat marketers all promoting the same program in the same (desperate) way.
  5. Dozens of monetization strategies including e-commerce, affiliate marketing or creating and selling your own digital courses / memberships

Perhaps the most important benefit of building out a micro niche site (even a small one with a dozen articles or so) is psychological. A website is your digital address. It tells people you are serious and not some fly by night.

We are approaching the home stretch of the HDR Way. The last piece of the puzzle is having the right platform.

You can read about our platform of choice by clicking on the link below.