The HDR Philosophy of Marketing


Our philosophy of marketing is another way of describing how we approach the online world and our online business.

It is captured by the word “honest” in our title.

Here are the core principles or the values which inform every decision we want you to make regarding your online business.

We value people over statistics

One of the maxim’s we live by is that behind every online transaction is a VIP (a valued and important person). This means that every visitor to your site, every email opt-in, every click on your ad represents a real person of incredible worth.

This should change your approach to marketing.

If all you focus on is optimizing your funnel and landing pages, or e-mail opt-in and open rates, then you know you are operating with a statistics over people mentality.

People are not numbers.

Sure, you can make some short-term cash sending solo ads to a two-sentence landing page and getting desperate marketers to purchase your AMAZING offer, but it’s not sustainable.

You can’t grow a business when you give so little thought to the people with whom you interact in the online world.

We value impact over money

Here we are saying that your online business exists to make a real difference in the lives of the people you are trying to reach. It doesn’t have to be earth-shaking or world-changing impact (though more power to you if you want to reach for that).

When you make an impact with your business, two things happen automatically:

  1. You have a deep sense of fulfillment in what you do. It’s intensely satisfying because, believe it or not, you were made to crave the feeling that comes with truly helping others.
  2. Selling goes from a desperate and coercive exercise to one that is almost effortless

We value integrity over hype

This one is soooo hard for marketers, especially if they are in the make money online or biz opp niches.

These niches thrive on inflated income claims to get the click.

They rely on pressure, fear, greed, and basic human laziness in order to get someone to purchase. Here again, ignoring the VIP principle, marketers are willing to sell just about ANYTHING regardless of quality if it means a commission.

The biggest currency on the Internet is trust. And when you start a relationship with your prospects based on lies and desperation, you are sunk, sooner or later.

  • Integrity means being transparent
  • Integrity means not using pressure or hacks or tactics to get a sale
  • Integrity means not using scammy promotional materials
  • Integrity means only promoting the best offers for your prospects

We value service over selling

If you take the VIP principle and the impact and integrity first approaches, where you end up is serving an audience.

Serving an audience means that before ANY money exchanges hands, you are already looking out for the members of your audience. You value them, and you want to protect them. This certainly means not trying to pawn off some sleazy product just to make money.

You can see the congruency between all of the values.

When you truly serve people, you develop a bond with them, and they begin to trust you. When you’ve earned someone’s trust, selling becomes irrelevant. When you recommend something, NOT because it is good for you, but because it is good for your peeps, a certain number of folks will purchase.

We value authenticity over copycat marketing

A good number of the programs I joined trying to break the Internet code were done-for-you programs. All of us were promoting the same sleazy landing pages (you know, the ones with the big red letters) and we were promoting them the same way.

Spam your links wherever you can, and if you are more sophisticated, provide value in some group in the hopes of establishing contacts and then SPAMMING your link to that person.

Or we were told to purchase solo ads.

All of these approaches are low on the value / relationship index.

Take a look at the graph above. Solo ads (and most other traffic hacks) put you in the lower-left quadrant.

You are providing zero value and you have zero relationship with your prospects.

I don’t think you could be in a worse position for success than what you have with solo ads or sending cold traffic to a two-sentence landing page.

By contrast, authenticity means that you establish a hub (what I call a micro niche site). Afterward, you get to infuse that hub with your personality, values, ideas, and unique take on life, business, or whatever.

When you do that and start to promote your offers, a certain segment of people will resonate with you.

This is precisely what this Honest Digital Revolution site is doing. I only want to help you succeed IF you resonate with this approach to an online business. Again, if you want straight tactics and strategies, then perhaps this is not the right fit for you.

It doesn’t mean we don’t value tactics and strategies. We do. And there are plenty of them in our training.

I’m simply telling you from my own experience that if you don’t have the right approach to marketing you are not going to make it in the long run.

We value a strong vs. a weak mindset

This might be a shocker to you, but let me say it anyway.

Success in business (and in life for that matter) is about 80% mindset and 20% strategies and tactics.

If you do not control your emotions, the ups and downs of building something real, the criticism from others and the doubts that plague you, YOU ARE GOING TO FAIL.

Wise entrepreneurs work on their mindset. They build and invest IN THEMSELVES through books, coaching and programs that focus on the inner game.


Our philosophy of marketing is the foundation of every online business we support. It helps us make decisions on the products we promote, how we promote them, and how we perceive the people we are trying to reach.

If these ideas resonate with you, I encourage you to keep reading.

The next element to explain is our online business blueprint. This is our unique process for building a profitable online business?

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