The Power of One


The curse of the average digital marketer is having too many CHOICES.

If you doubt that, take a look at the Chiefmartec graphic above showing the 7,000 solutions vying for your attention on the Internet.

There are 100s of platforms, software tools, programs and opportunities related to building an online business.  This presents two huge problems for you:

  1. Tech overwhelm – The learning curve is too steep so you quit or become paralyzed
  2. Shiny Object Syndrome – You cycle through products looking for the secret hack which never arrives

What is the answer to this curse of too many choices?

You must focus on the power of one!

The Power of One

In another post, I mentioned how you had to choose ONE digital marketing platform and go all in with it until you mastered the platform.

That’s how you begin to break through and stand out.

In this post, I’m saying you need make the same choices again but for the 5-6 most important online business components.  These include:

  1. Business model (affiliate marketing, e-commerce, consulting)
  2. Digital marketing platform
  3. Website platform (WordPress, Wix, Builderall)
  4. Autoresponder (Convertkit, Aweber, Getresponse)
  5. Landing page builder (Thrive Architect, Optimizepress, Clickfunnels)
  6. Social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)

Here are the choices I have made in each of these categories:

  1. Business model –  Micro niche website + affiliate marketing
  2. Digital marketing platform – Wealthy Affiliate
  3. Autoresponder – Convertkit
  4. Landing page builder – Thrive Themes
  5. Website platform – WordPress
  6. Social media – Facebook (specifically FB messenger and FB advertising)

In today’s digital landscape, these are the minimum tools you need to master for long-term online success.  You could slip by without a social media presence or even a slick website, but you’ll be losing a lot of functionality. 

Also, I should mention that these choices work for me and for the type of online businesses I want to create. Obviously, if you want to use a different model or autoresponder, you can do that.

I’m just showing you the system I’ve put together that accomplishes the goals I have for my digital business.

The Magic of One

What happens when you turn off your inner DISTRACTOR and just focus down on six essential components?

Well, you start to gain expertise in each product / program. You begin to discover the extra bells and whistles, the potholes, what works and what doesn’t, and the advanced features no one else knows about because they drive their product / program in first gear.

The minute you begin to gain expertise in say an autoresponder (Convertkit) or a digital marketing platform (Wealthy Affiliate), YOU INSTANTLY BECOME MORE VALUABLE.

You seem to be a little ahead of the curve. You know a thing or two, especially about your autoresponder or landing page builder. And all of this is valuable to people seeking reliable information.

This will allow you to stand out.  You will be able to guide your peeps through the best features of what you are promoting because you are a serious user of what you promote.

Do you see how that works?

The very act of concentrating down and learning one component gives you more good information to share, which makes you more valuable, which…

You get the picture.

One more thing, there is an invisible influence that comes through when 1) you are a user of the product you recommend and 2) you stand behind everything you recommend. It’s the little extra burst of confidence, smile or twinkle that let’s people know you can be trusted.

And trust is the most valuable commodity on the Internet.

The Honest Digital Revolution

If you are curious how we’ve put together these six essential components to create successful micro niche sites, I invite you to check out the Honest Digital Revolution.

HDR is:

  1. A philosophy of how to market honestly (call it “trust marketing” if you’d like)
  2. A focused training on creating a micro niche affiliate marketing site.

Check it out => Take me to the HDR site.


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10 thoughts on “The Power of One”

  1. Very interesting. If  want to build a website, which platform do you recommend? I heard that WordPress is a good one. is it free to sign up? 

    What can be done to make a website transmit trust to the reader? I agree that this is extremely important, especially nowadays that the internet is teeming with scammers. Trust is a big one. Do you have any tips on how to achieve that on a new website? I think that people should be themselves, genuine, and if someone is recommending products, test them her/himself. Are there any other suggestions you have?

    • Christine, thanks for stopping by.

      For websites, definitely one built on WordPress.  For building trust I think authenticity, honesty and definitely being a product of the product.  In other words, you own it, use it and recommend it.  You can also build trust by being an authority on a subject.  When you show people how to get from A to B, it builds trust.

      Good luck.

  2. Thanks a lot for such an amazing review about The Power of One and explanations are given.

    We are looking for a course like this for a long time. All I found on the net was a scam. I will definitely buy this course where I can learn a lot and I hope I can create a passive income.

    Thanks again and keep in touch!

  3. Distraction is the most dangerous thing in this modern society. It destroys families, businesses and relations. If Content is king, concentration would be the elusive princess.

    Everybody is looking for grabbing our attention for their own benefit. Most of the solutions provided are there shielded by our own ignorance, as level of functionality provided within one solution can easily be met by another one freely, once you know how to work in certain level of detail within your primary tool. 

    Thanks for this great post, and for your preferred picks on each service type, looking for making us open our eyes on the importance of getting focused on what we may have on hands on any given time. 

  4. Hello Gustavo, your article seems to be aimed directly at me. Yes me. Like you mentioned in the very first paragraph, having too many options can be a curse. You’re either not sure which one to go with, or you are but then you don’t get to far without getting lost in the sea of information overload. I do believe there’s power behind choosing one and going all in, and I’m in the tireless pursuit of it.

    Great post

    • Rhain, thanks for your comments.  Choosing one element in each category has lifted me from the perpetually frustrated to actually making progress.  Good luck.

  5. I must admit that up to this point I have suffered from the “Shiny object” syndrome. I can fully understand, reading your post, how important it is to focus on one platform, on one way of making revenue and one strategy and not to go around getting excited after every new thing that comes our way.

    Great post to read at the beginning of a year! Thank you very much!

    • If you haven’t been through SOS or tech overwhelm then you didn’t get excited enough about the possibilities of the Internet.  Dreams can literally come true.  The key is to get off the hamster wheel as fast as possible, and knuckle down and learn some skills.

      Oh yeah, and don’t quit!

      Good luck.


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