The Story of the Stats – Part 2 – Picking a Niche


This is the second post in our series The Story of the Stats.

Over the next ten lessons, I’ll be using stats from the graph above to illustrate the principles of I use to build MICRO NICHE SITES using the Wealthy Affiliate training.

In Part 2 of the Story of the Stats we’re gonna tackle niches and how you should pick a topic for your website.

How to Choose Your Niche

One of the first things you must decide about your website IS YOUR TOPIC. What niche or market will you serve?

There are many good trainings on picking a niche, but I’m going to suggest that you go with an almost guaranteed winner.

Go with a passion, strong interest or expertise.

And here’s why.

In order to create a site that attracts the right visitors and leads them to purchase what you recommend, you’ve got to do at least two things.

  1. You must be able to CONSISTENTLY produce rich, engaging and informative content around your topic for 3-6 months?
  2. You must be patient enough to wait until your content becomes organically attractive to people (perhaps another 3-6 months)?

That is the “magic formula” that everyone is always seeking. Write consistently and write with enthusiasm and you’ll make a lot of fans who love to buy things that you legitimately recommend.

Trust me when I tell you, unless you choose something about which you are very passionate, interested, or an expert, it’s going to be difficult for you to achieve these two goals.

My Own Experience

I’ve been blogging since about 2011.

I’ve created dozens of website in that time period and only three have ever produced any results for me.

PhD Advice

My first site tracked the progress I was making in my Phd. It was called PhD advice.

Not very original, I know. But here’s the thing.

I wrote about forty rich and engaging articles in a three year time period because I was really into the topic AND I was sharing from my experiences. It was kind of like on the fly expertise.

That site landed me my first paid (and lucrative) consulting gig plus affiliate revenue from people purchasing books after reading my reviews.

Bible Study Blueprint

My second and main site is called Bible Study Blueprint. That has been a labor of love because I produce content as part of my job as a professor.

Writing about what I know and love is a joy for me. It’s not drudgery. And that enthusiasm and genuineness comes across when people read my stuff.

Finally, I never run out of ideas.

Because I am an “expert,” I’ve also been able to produce two Amazon Kindle e-books, a one hour recorded webinar, a 3.5 hour e-course that I sell on Teachable and a series of Facebook Live teachings that have consistently generated sales for me.

When I switched my site over to Wealthy Affiliate, I basically began from scratch as far as Google was concerned. But by consistently producing more content, I’ve been able to start producing a regular stream of traffic and it’s only getting better.

Honest Digital Revolution

This last site has been my second labor of love. I began to get serious about online marketing in 2016.

But then I basically got sucked into the make money online Internet horror show. I was trying to sell something (making money), without having any experience or expertise.

Lucky for me, I truly loved the digital marketing world: landing pages, autoresponders, webinars, digital products, affiliate marketing. All of it was fascinating for me and so I was able to stick it out even thought I failed miserably, spent a ton of money and basically had little to show for it.

However, a funny thing happened while I was stuck in that digital abyss trying to find the Internet code. I became somewhat of an expert.

And so now, I feel I have some expertise in the subject. This means I have something valuable to share with people and to top it off, it is a subject about which I am passionate.

Again, you have two goals for your site: write engaging content consistently and be patient enough to see organic traffic growth. These things are difficult to pull off if you don’t absolutely love your topic.

Here’s to your success!

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