Transformational Asset – Introduction

Prepare for Transformation


Today I’m excited to talk to you about Transformational Assets (TAs), which I hope will revolutionize your approach to online marketing.

Before I tell you about TAs, I think it’s important for you to know where I am coming from. This will allow you to see the incredible power and effectiveness of these assets compared to the way you have been taught to promote in the online marketing space.

What Is a Typical Approach?

Internet Marketing is somewhat of the wild, wild, web.  

The shadier sides (of which I once participated) are filled with desperate headlines, hype, outrageous claims, manipulation, and appeals to our basest desires and greed.

Please understand.  I am not railing against money, wealth or riches like some worked-up televangelist.  

I’m just saying that a lot of the promotions in the IM space are crass, dishonest AND frankly, not very effective for building a long-term business.  This is especially the case for the MMO and Biz Opp niches.

Think about your odds of success for a moment:

  1. Every affiliate on the planet is slamming their prospects with the same landing pages using solo ads because Facebook, Google and YouTube frown upon this type of marketing.  That should tell you something already.
  2. When a prospect lands on your page, they are getting hit with outrageous headlines, promises and copy. Most of your prospects have already seen this scam before, which is why your opt-in rate for traffic to that type of landing page is 2-4%. 
  3. Even if you get lots of opt-ins, you are essentially building a useless list of me-too marketers, freebie seekers and get-rich-quick subscribers. They are more desperate than you are and won’t bother to open your e-mail since they’ll be onto the next shiny object before your message hits their inbox.
  4. Finally, you are sending the same fake, hyped-fill, salesy e-mails that you swiped from the previous hack marketer who recruited you

Does that sound like a winning formula to you?  

And then, as if matters couldn’t get any worse, you are using false income claims as the backbone of your marketing campaigns!  

I Will Give You the System I Use to Make 10K Per Month!!


You’re going to build your online marketing career based on a lie? And then you want your recruits to do the same?  Is anyone but me uncomfortable with this scenario?  

If this sounds like the Internet Marketing nightmare that you’ve been living, then continue to the next page where you will wake up to the power of Transformational Assets.

See you there.

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