Transformational Asset – Definition

What Are Transformational Assets?


It’s time to define a Transformational Asset (TA).  The chart below provides a graphical overview.

Transformational Asset Chart

A Transformational Asset is a complete, self-contained, marketing story that WRAPS AROUND a product or service which provides an AWESOME TRANSFORMATION for your prospects. 

A TA represents the entire customer journey.

There is a narrative arc (a before and after) with a transformation that awaits your prospect based on the product you are recommending.

Instead of just selling a product, you are creating an emotional buying experience that begins way before you ever present someone with an opt-in form.

Let me break it down for you because it is critical that you get your mind around what I am describing.

Complete, Self-Contained, Marketing Story

A Transformational Asset represents a complete, self-contained, marketing narrative.  It is the whole enchilada from target niche, to content to follow-up e-mail sequences. 

In other words, it is ONE ASSET.  

This means you must think about how all of the pieces fit together to create the best buying experience for your customer.   

A Transformational Asset includes:

  1. Highly targeted niche
  2. Specific problem or deep desire for that niche
  3. Pre-sell content series which warms up your prospect to your recommendation
  4. Your awesome transformation which is your recommended solution to your target niche’s problem
  5. Story-based e-mail sequences with smart branching based on your prospects’ actions

Customer-Centric vs. Product-Centric

Take a look at that chart again and notice what DOES NOT overtly appear anywhere.  I doubt you’ll guess what’s missing.

It’s your product, service or opportunity.  

Amateur marketers are product-centric.  

They LEAD with the high gravity product from Clickbank or JVZoo, or their great MLM company or the best landing page creator and they build out their funnels from there.

They will offer a lead magnet and a blind squeeze page trying to entice complete strangers to take a risk on their solution by handing over their precious e-mail. The prospect has no idea whether the marketer can deliver.

Let me give you the biggest secret to success in this field.  

You have got to be absolutely people-centric. You’ve got to really care for your prospects AS PEOPLE.  They are not numbers you can plug into a formula.

Every person that comes to your site, that reads your content, that gives you their e-mail address or that receives your e-mail sequences IS SO VERY SPECIAL.

That is not a slogan or a company motto.  

It is TRUE on its merits.  Nothing in this world compares to the value of people. And so, you’ve got to treat them like gold. You’ve got to serve them with the best that you can give, and with integrity, generosity, and respect.

This is why hype and manipulation in your marketing materials make you feel uncomfortable. You know that people deserve better.

Solution-Driven Awesomeness

While we are on this subject of valuing people, a Transformational Asset also incorporates the best solution you can find for your prospects’ situation.  

Do not go scammy on this.  

Do not promote something just to make money.  If you are not absolutely convinced about the quality of your offer, take a pass.  

Find another offer.

Furthermore, I would suggest (no, implore is a better word) that you NOT promote anything that you have not purchased and used yourself.

When you recommend a good movie, book or restaurant to someone, you are credible because YOU have experienced the benefits for yourself.  

It’s called invisible influence.

When you are a product of the product you recommend, you will have more conviction.  You can be more honest with your prospects (about the good and bad stuff).  You can show your visitors how to leverage your solution because you’ve already figured it out. 

The Kwon Zone

When all of the elements of your Transformational Asset are working together, it’s like magic.

You are transporting your prospects to what I call the Kwon Zone.  

The word “Kwon” comes from the movie Jerry McGuire and it is where money and emotions come together to form a pleasurable experience.

In the case of Jerry McGuire, it was a big contract and a deep personal connection that Jerry built with his only client.  In the case of your prospects, it will be an emotionally satisfying buying experience.

Here is the sad truth.

So many people have had negative experiences when it comes to online products, programs and ventures they have tried.  

But when you build a TA and take your prospects through it, they will be happy to give you their e-mail or part with their money. They will not feel coerced, manipulated or tricked. Instead, they will be strangely drawn to you and your solution because all the moving parts of your asset are building up a store of goodwill, trust and confidence in your expertise.

Your peeps will feel grateful they met you. They will develop a connection with you because deep down they know you had their best interest in mind.

In the next lesson, we’ll break down the main components of a TA:  1) highly targeted niche; 2) your pre-sell content series and 3) your story-based e-mail sequences with smart branching.

See you there.

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