Transformational Asset – Two Pillars


In the last post, I gave you an overview of a transformational asset (TA).  

The chart below gives you a graphical overview of a TA, which includes the following elements:

  1. Your target niche
  2. The target niche’s biggest problem or deepest desire
  3. Your awesome transformation (in the form of an opt-in page or offer)
  4. Pre-sell content series
  5. Story-based e-mail sequences with smart branching.
Transformational Asset Chart

Of these, the two most important elements are: 1) your pre-sell content series and 2) your story-based e-mail sequences with smart branching.  I will say more about them below, but first, a word about your target niche.

You Must Identify a Target Niche / Niche Problem

I have already covered the importance of identifying your target niche and its biggest problem / deepest desire in another post.  

I won’t go into detail here.  

Just know this.  You will lose big if you do any of these things:

  • If you are vague about your prospects
  • If you start your campaigns with the product FIRST instead of with the customer in mind
  • If you don’t focus your entire marketing effort on solving your prospects’ biggest needs

Yes, you can make short-term bucks by slamming a large group of people with the product that gives you the biggest commission, but you can’t build a long-term business that way.​

Pre-sell content series

Let’s talk about your pre-sell content series.  I cover this topic extensively in another post, so I’ll summarize the important details here.

A pre-sell content series is first and foremost a valuable piece of content (article, video, audio) that solves a major problem for your target audience.

I emphasize valuable.

Give your prospects your best stuff.  Show them your expertise and that you can be trusted with their biggest problem / deepest desire.  ​

Listen, unless you have the secret recipe for Coke, your prospects can go to countless places on the Internet for most of your information. There’s nothing new under the sun.

Where you can be different is in how you package the information. Indeed, by building a Transformational Asset AROUND a product or service, you’ve already sprinted ahead of 99% of the hack marketers in this space.

They are trying to optimize their headlines to get more empty opt-ins.  You are providing a soup to nuts experience and solution.  They are focused on converting the masses.  You are focused on helping a tiny, targeted group of people reach their transformation.

The content you deliver should be robust and in series form (just like this teaching on Transformational Assets).  A series pulls people through your content.  No one likes open loops, and as long as your content is interesting, your prospects will want to see what’s at the end of the rainbow.

P.S. Your pre-sell content also filters out your prospects.  Those who make it to the end are EXACTLY the ones you want to serve AND they are exactly the ones who want YOU to serve them.

Thus, instead of bribing your prospects for their e-mail in exchange for your lead magnet, you provide massive value up front.

You give before asking for anything in return.

Think of how your content series can dramatically alter the dynamics of the online encounter:

  1. You are now different than 99% of marketers who slam their prospects with a landing page and a blind promise
  2. You are able to establish your expertise in a given topic
  3. You are able to develop a relational connection with your audience
  4. You are building goodwill and trust with your audience
  5. You are attracting ONLY those prospects who are most compelled by your solution
  6. You are able to build your prospects’ confidence in your ability to solve their problem

All of these elements enable you to pre-sell your prospects on your solution.​

When you FINALLY make your offer, whether to join your list or even to test out your solution, your prospect will in a much better frame of mind to listen to your proposal.

Can you see how this might be more effective than what you’ve been doing to this point?

The best examples of these pre-frame, pre-sell series come from Andre Chaperon.  You can check them out for yourself: Affiliate Bully as well as a monster pre-sell series Sphere of Influence.  

You will see that each of these pre-sell sites are written in story form and walk a specific target market through an emotional journey.  The goal is to reframe the prospect’s mind from what they thought was possible to what Andre shows them is possible.

I have created two pre-sell sites of my own: The Unconventional Guide to Building an E-Mail List and the Dreamer’s Roadmap, which is aimed at corporate cubicle types, who put in their time in a non-fulfilling job and are dreaming about the possibilities of the digital revolution. 

Story-Based E-Mail Sequences with Smart Branching

The other piece of the transformational asset puzzle is your e-mail sequences.

Typical e-mail marketing sequences rely on click bait headlines, pushy offers, hypey copy, and various sleazy tactics that the prospect encountered as they made their way through your funnel.

Even those e-mail sequences that are meant to provide value are simply swiped copies, with no sense of personality or interest.

Furthermore, there is an emptiness to swiped copy. It has no soul and no relational connection to the prospect.  The e-mails are sterile, and they are playing to an audience that was gained through questionable tactics at the start.

Finally, when the sequence is completed, every subscriber receives the same broadcast e-mail from that point forward. There is no segmentation between those who opened / did not open an e-mail or clicked / did not click on a link.

By contrast, a transformational asset incorporates story-based e-mail sequences with smart branching.

The story-based sequences allow you to use the power of narratives to inspire, elevate or challenge your prospects, to take your subscribers on an emotional journey, to introduce plot twists or cliffhangers, and to build tension and create resolution in your e-mails.

Because you are telling a story, you can have a multi-part e-mail series, with a beginning, middle, end, and a climax.

And of course, there is smart branching.  

When the first e-mail sequence kicks off, you must build smart branches based on your prospects’ interactions with your e-mails.  Opens and clicks should automatically generate their own story-based e-mail sequences that are pertinent.

Your subscribers’ interests and needs change over time and your e-mail sequences should reflect those evolving needs.


We’ve covered a lot.  If you’ve made it this far, you are precisely the person I want to reach. See if you track with any of these sentiments:

  1. You are uncomfortable with the hype promos and feel sheepish in sharing those with your network
  2. You know this online business stuff works, but you aren’t sure how the pieces fit together
  3. You have resonated with this message about creating a transformational asset and you want to learn more about how that’s done
  4. You have many ideas now of how transformational assets can be implemented in your marketing efforts

If any of these describe you, then I encourage you to click the link below to learn more about how you can create your VERY OWN transformational assets with my help. 

See you there.

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